Sunday and Holiday Deliver

 There seems to be much confusion regarding the contractual requirements of working on Sundays and Holidays. The overtime provisions for working on a Sunday are no different than those of working on any other day of the week. Sunday is just another non-scheduled day just like any other non scheduled day. The contract states that when there is a need for overtime management will seek employees on the OTDL. Prior to working carriers off the list management is required to use all the employees on the OTDL. As usual management always has the right to use CCA’s

 However, many carriers on the OTDL do not want to work on Sunday and most do not want to work the guaranteed 8 hour shift so they only work 4 to 5 hours. As a result in most offices the OTDL and CCA’s are being utilized prior to asking for volunteers off the list. It appears that those who wish to work on Sunday are working while those who do not want to work on Sundays are not. Carriers who refuse to work on Sunday are also charged for the refusal because of the “equitability” provisions in the contract. Carriers who do not work the full 8 hour shift should be charged the 8 hours.

 The provisions for working on a Holiday are the same as working on the designated Holiday. Most carriers believe that there are special rules for working on the actual Holiday. The contract refers to “working on a Holiday or designated Holiday”.

If the holiday schedule is not posted as of Tuesday preceding the service week in which the holiday falls, a full-time employee required to work on his or her holiday or designated holiday, or who volunteers to work on such day, will receive holiday scheduling premium for each hour of work, up to eight hours. If the schedule is not properly posted any carrier working on the actual Holiday should be paid the premium.