Our History

The proud history of Branch 3 dates back to 1889 when letter carriers from various cities, including Buffalo, met in a meeting room in Milwaukee Wisconsin and adopted a resolution to form a National Association of Letter Carriers. It was then decided that this new organization would have four objectives: Fraternity, Fidelity, Benevolence and Unity.

Those four objectives are still present today guiding this union to become one the most powerful, unified, charitable and politically influential organizations in the history of the labor movement.

Branch 3 was there at this great union’s inception as a charter member. It was there in 1970 when the call to strike was made. Since then, Branch 3 has received national recognition in its dealings with contractual issues, its Branch publication “The Buzz”, percentage of organized membership, providing food for the hungry, contributions to COLCPE-LCPF, and has been a driving force in local political arena as it continues to strive to improve the well being of all its members.

Over the years, Branch 3 has grown to over 2000 members and now represents the vast majority of carriers working in the far western regions of New York, encompassing 37 Postal Installations. From Batavia west to Westfield and from Newfane south to Olean, Branch 3 faithfully continues to represent WNY letter carriers with the same loyalty and enthusiasm that founded the National Association of Letter Carriers.