Annual Leave Issues

Unfortunately, with the introduction of the new CCA workforce  and the subsequent conversion Memorandum we have hit a few glitches in the payroll system. For example we have learned that a newly converted regular who takes annual leave will not get paid for the leave. After the 90 day so called probationary  period is over this issue no longer exists.. This problem is due to the language in our contract which stated that a new employee may not accrue or take annual leave. The language was originally designed for PTF’s who when hired all had to serve a 90 day probation. Obviously, this language does not recognize the issues of TE’s who became CCA’s and were then converted without having a probationary period. Any carrier who has not been paid for their annual leave should call the union office immediately, in order that a timely grievance may be filed. This problem is currently under discussion at the National Level and I am confident that a resolution is in sight.

In most of our larger offices we had attempted to get some sort of annual leave provisions for our CCA’s. We were unable to accomplish that through local negotiations so we Impassed those provisions to Arbitration. Our National Business Agent Dan Toth has settled those Impasse Items. After the career employees have made their selections for prime time and non prime time leave, eligible CCA’s will be allowed to select from the remaining weeks by relative standing. This is the first time that non career employees have had contractual rights to annual leave provisions.