Amazon Sunday

On 8/11/16 I had signed a overtime agreement for Sunday Amazon. This issue had come up last year but the Service was not interested in addressing it. As a result we discovered that management had been picking and choosing as to whom they decided they wanted to work on Sunday. The matter became even more complicated because many of the OTDL carriers from the hub stations refused to work or only worked partial days.

The Buffalo LMOU breaks down the OTDL by sections or zip codes. Sunday is no different than any other day when it came to overtime. Also there is no such item in our contract as a refusal. Hence if you were on the OTDL in those hubs you would be required to work 12 hours on Sundays prior to allowing any carrier from another office to work in the hub. This was clearly discussed at a few of our union meetings last year. On the other hand many OTDL carriers from other stations expressed a desire to work on Sundays.

This was not an issue this year until 8/7/16 when the parcel volume had drastically increased. As a result carriers from different offices worked on Sunday. I had discussed this problem with some of our senior Branch officers and had decided to enter into an agreement where we could monitor the situation.

We agreed that only OTDL carriers could work Sunday Amazon. After the lists in the hub is checked then carriers from all the other offices in the zip codes serviced by the Hub would be asked starting with the Senior carrier and rotating down. Overtime hours will not be counted nor will any “refusals”.

This would allow more opportunities to those who want to work because many carriers do not want to work on the Sunday but do not want to be charged. Many carriers are still working their N/S during the week.

Unfortunately due to the timing I was unable to discuss this before the membership at our monthly meeting. However, I had placed a clause into the agreement that either the union or the USPS has the option of withdrawing from the agreement with a two week notice.

I would ask that members with any concerns to attend the September Membership meeting so we can discuss the pros and cons of the agreement or any adjustments that can be made to it.